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Home Inspection Services

If the home you’re buying or selling is in the Central Savannah River Site Area (CSRA) give Premier Home Inspections a call. Premier Home Inspections proudly serves Augusta, Aiken, and all surrounding counties in Georgia and South Carolina.

There are many instances where a home inspection can be helpful. You may be in the process of buying a house. You may wish to have a “pre-listing” inspection to check for unforseen issues before putting your home on the market. You may know your home has maintenance or upgrade options that you want to prioritize. Or you may be nearing the end of your first year home builder’s warranty, in which case a home inspection would be helpful in identifying issues prior to the warranty expiration date. Premier Home Inspections is available to help with all of your inspection needs.

Standard Inspections

If you’re buying a home, you and your lender require a general inspection during your due diligence period after your offer has been accepted but before your sale has closed. This inspection reveals structural or systemic problems present at the time of the inspection before you sign the paperwork. It’s your opportunity to kick the tires and take the house for a test drive, to use an analogy.

Once you buy the house, you’ve bought the problems, too. So hire Premier to perform your inspection and ensure you know what you’re buying. All home inspection services conform to industry standards. During a general inspection, your home inspector examines the visible and accessible areas of the home, including the:

Exterior structure

which includes the condition of the:

  • Siding
  • Railings
  • Decks or porches
Electrical system

which includes the installation and safety of the:

  • Circuit box
  • Wiring
  • Outlets
Plumbing system

which includes the:

  • Fixtures
  • Drains
  • Water heater

walls, ceilings and floors, especially if they show water damage

Doors and windows, inside and out
Crawlspace and attic

Other Home Inspection Services

pre-listing inspection

Premier performs home inspection services for specific reasons. One popular service is a pre-listing inspection. This inspection helps homeowners and home sellers. Premier inspects your home before you put it up for sale to ensure you that your home has no major issues. If any problems are found, you can adjust your price or repair them before listing the home. These home inspection services put you at ease, knowing your asking price is justified.

Premier Package

Another requested service is the Premier Package. It’s a home inspection that includes RecallChek and an infrared scan. Each of these services can be performed independently as well. RecallChek verifies that all your new appliances are safe and up to code. Each appliance is checked for functionality and to ensure that it isn’t subject to a manufacturer’s recall. If its number ever comes up, you will be notified. The thermographic scan uses an infrared thermographic camera to find abnormal readings that could signal hidden problems, like moisture intrusion, areas of heat loss, electrical problems, and pest infestations.

Services Above and Beyond

Beyond inspections, Premier offers the following home inspection services, along with your inspection. Ask for them when you schedule your inspection. Services include:

Radon testing

Radon gas is odorless and colorless, and yet it’s deadly. It often seeps up from your basement or foundation into your home. When you’re buying a new home, it highly recommended that you have a radon test performed. Premier uses a continuous radon monitoring device to detect the presence of radon gas. If dangerous levels are detected, mitigation measures will be recommended.

Thermal imaging

This service uses an infrared thermographic camera that detects the heat signature on areas including walls and flooring. It’s helpful for detecting pests, water intrusions and electricalissues. If the thermal imaging does detect an issue, it may be recommended that you call on a specialist to help with the problem.

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Premier offers a 10% discount on inspection services to all public safety employees (e.g., fire, police and EMS) and for all military personnel — both active duty and veterans. Even if you don’t qualify for these offers, you still benefit from great savings on a home inspection.

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